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Marvel Cinematic Universe - Timeline (continued) - Page 8

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Thread: Marvel Cinematic Universe - Timeline (continued)

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    Re: Marvel Cinematic Universe - Timeline (continued)

    That would be good. They should attempt to separate themselves from the mcu instead of throwing around false information.

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    Re: Marvel Cinematic Universe - Timeline (continued)

    Quote Originally Posted by Agamotto View Post
    Mrmichaelt at the wiki
    Ha! I know that dude from the Ghostbusters fandom. Havenít interacted with him since the IDW publishing boards shut down. I had no idea he was an MCU dude, but itís good to have him. Wicked smart and crazy attention to detail.

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    Re: Marvel Cinematic Universe - Timeline (continued)

    It's not MCU canon at this point, but in case something spontaneously happens to totally suggest it is in the next few months, I'll just say in Venom I saw the dates "10-27" and "2018" on the emails towards the beginning. (Since those were from two days ago, it would mean the first 15 minutes take place on October 29-30, 2018 - before the 6 month time jump (April 2019).)

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