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Miles Morales - The Ultimate Spider-Man (Spoilers) - Page 2

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Thread: Miles Morales - The Ultimate Spider-Man (Spoilers)

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    Yes this is Miles story. He has been doing great. No one wants to see him as Peter's sidekick. I doubt that's what they are going for but the whole premise was originally him taking over. Clone or not Peter needs to step aside. I agree let some of the old gang be a small back up but let's expand on Mile's world. My favorite is J.J. Jameson though. I love that he is remorseful of the way he treated Sider Man.

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    So, MM-USM #5 was interesting. The whole arc has been interesting so far (unfortunately it's the only good Ultimate title currently).

    The scene between JJJ and Osborn had a nice surprise ending, though I think it's obvious it won't be so simple.

    I'm also looking forward to next issue, when hopefully we'll get some answers concerning Peter and Norman being alive.

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    Re: Miles Morales - The Ultimate Spider-Man

    Yeah, agreed completely. While Norman being alive is kind of par for the course now, the answers that the next issue will (hopefully) give regarding Peter are what I've been waiting for since he showed up. MJ seems to have taken him in, and considering she should be especially aware that clones have been a thing in Peter's life, I hope she had a damn good reason to.

    SPOILER! Gotta wonder if there'll be any repercussions for JJ shooting Norman, though. I imagine he's selfless enough to do that now, but murder is murder, and he has it on tape. SHIELD could always hand-wave it, but it might make for an interesting story.

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