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Ultimate universes r soooo stupid!

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Thread: Ultimate universes r soooo stupid!

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    Ultimate universes r soooo stupid!

    I hate ultimate universes! they're jus making the characters really dumb and stupid!

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    Re: Ultimate universes r soooo stupid!

    Well, that's your opinion. I see from all your other posts on this site that you mostly have negative opinions. While there is no problems with only negative opinions, we would hope that you give more reasons that just "really dumb and stupid". I for one feel like the Ultimate Universe actually has some interesting characters.

    Miles as the new Spider-Man is genius. They took the Peter Parker/Uncle Ben relationship and twisted it with the evil Uncle. Miles still feels the responsibility and power; he understands it can corrupt.

    The clone saga, which sucked, did give us Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman. She gives us the Peter Parker that we want, while letting us explore all the amazingness that is Miles.

    Ganke is quite possibly the most amazing new character that the UU has created from scratch.

    The Reservation X/Utopia that is going on in Ultimate X-Men is quite a good read.

    While there are certainly bad issues and terrible arcs, the Ultimate Universe has been and I feel will continue to be exciting.
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    Re: Ultimate universes r soooo stupid!

    Quote Originally Posted by Mattimeo84 View Post
    I see from all your other posts on this site that you mostly have negative opinions.
    Which aren't conducive to discussion. It's getting tiresome.
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