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Site News, Notes, & Discussion [Archive] - The Comic Board - Comic news, rumors, and discussion forum


View Full Version : Site News, Notes, & Discussion

  1. The Comic Board rules - PLEASE READ!
  2. The Anti-Mod Thread
  3. How To Deal With Problem Posters and Threads
  4. The "meet me in the chat" thread v2.0
  5. The new anti-mod thread
  6. Ultimate Central is on Myspace
  7. Attention spammers
  8. The bully thread has been removed
  9. Is this where I introduce myself?
  10. A look back at the UC in 2003
  11. The NEW Infraction System (please read)
  12. Creator Bashing
  13. Greatest Moments in UC History
  14. The First Annual Ultimate Central Member Awards - Nominations and Discussion Thread
  15. Timeline - Timeline
  16. Review Team ?
  17. Teh Ultimate Choice!
  18. Ultimate Warrior is dead and gone
  19. What Transformed You From a Lurker Into A Poster?
  20. The Greatest UC Member 2008- THE FINAL ROUND!!
  21. Site/Member News
  22. Ultimate Central Wiki
  23. Fixing Ultimate Central
  24. Time to update?
  25. Site issues, bugs, and technical problems
  26. Roleplaying section. (Suggestion)
  27. New forum feature - tags
  28. New policy regarding comic discussion - PLEASE READ
  29. Ultimate Central: Which Con for '09?
  30. UC Member Pictures III - The New Frontier
  31. The Comic Board is on Facebook
  32. 58,121 new posts!!!
  33. U.C. Greatest. Member. 2-Double 0-9! FINAL ROUND, YO!!
  34. What You Have Learned From The Comic Board
  35. UC rankings
  36. Shouldn't we get rid of some of these forums?
  37. UC Podcast idea.
  38. Ultimate Central is dead - long live The Comic Board!
  39. The Podcast name Poll :
  40. Reminder about linking to threads and posts
  41. The Comic Board Rocks My Socks
  42. Comic Board: Which Con for 2010?
  43. The Avatar/Signature Thread: Get Some.
  44. The FAQ is in a sorry state
  45. Swear filter
  46. Removing the Youtube and Hulu tags
  47. The Comic Board Member of the Year for 2010 Collection Thread
  48. What do the plus signs mean next to member names?
  49. This morning's upgrade
  50. No New Posts
  51. Putting together a site description...need help
  52. Facebook integration
  53. The Comic Board iPhone/iPod/iPad app is here!
  54. The 2011 Comic Book Award Winners Discussion Thread!
  55. Email notifications working again
  56. Email notifications - please read
  57. New Stuff
  58. Does anyone care about new colors for the site?
  59. The Comic Board Gets BULLET TIME (was: Yeah, the site is really slow.)
  60. ANOTHER server move. Oh man, I hate when he does that. What an Evil Jerkô
  61. The old front page is back, and the forum sidebar is gone
  62. FIX: Spoiler button now available in the Quick Editor
  63. The Comic Board is now available in Tapatalk!
  64. 10 years of The Comic Board
  65. Busy busy busy
  66. Is there a problem with the site's server or some other problem?
  67. The Comic Board will be going offline...
  68. The recent downtime...
  69. The Comic Board is now on Twitter and Facebook
  70. Rick Remender welcomes you to The Comic Board
  71. Chris Burnham welcomes you to The Comic Board
  72. Brandon Peterson welcomes you to The Comic Board
  73. Calling all members who are intrested.
  74. Shawn Crystal welcomes you to THE Comic Board
  75. help accessing thread.
  76. James Tynion IV welcomes you to The Comic Board
  77. Recent downtime
  78. Problem with editing posts
  79. Sdcc 2014
  80. The Comic Board is 10 years old this month
  81. Site issues/bugs
  82. A reminder on the site policy re: treatment of other members
  83. 1/7-8 downtime and upgrade
  84. Request for those of you who use Facebook
  85. Post screens are a mess right now
  86. We got hacked!!!! (E, please read)
  87. Back up and running...