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  1. Are you expecting Ultimates 2 to be better than Ultimates?
  2. How would you rate 'Ultimate Elektra'?
  3. Which was better: Ultimates 2 #1 or New Avengers #1?
  4. Who would you rather see address the Ultimate Fantastic Four continuity problems?
  5. Should Marvel continue Ultimates after Millar and Hitch finish?
  6. Hawkeye: Human, Mutant, technology?
  7. Ultimate Annuals Poll
  8. What Ultimate book(s) do you NOT read?
  9. How would you rate Brian K. Vaughan's run on Ultimate X-Men?
  10. How would you rate the Ultimate Vision Backstory?
  11. Ultimate Power: Nice little crossover or Biggest mistake ever?
  12. How would you rate Ultimate Galactus Trilogy?
  13. How do you rate Millar's Ultimate Fantastic Four run (Annual #1, #21-32)?
  14. Ellis or Millar: The Better UFF run.
  15. How would you rate the Ultimate Clone Saga?
  16. Who is the new Ronin?
  17. Ultimates 2 #13- Worth the Wait or not?
  18. One of these X-Men *WILL* die (Spoiler within).
  19. The events! They are coming!
  20. Should comic writers Unionize?
  21. Favourite Alan Moore work?
  22. What are you looking forward to this year?
  23. Morrison's New X-Men or Whedon's Astonishing X-Men?
  24. Which CGI Hulk is better?
  25. Robert Kirkman Mission Statement: Fix Comic Industry
  26. Comic Book Continuity - Good or bad?
  27. Final Crisis vs Secret Invasion: Which mini was better?
  28. Which 2009 comics are you looking forward to?
  29. Should Millar/Hitch have taken over Astonishing X-Men?
  30. Favourite Bat Family Incarnations?
  31. Which comics are you looking forward to in 2010?
  32. Do the X-Men fit in well with the Marvel Universe?
  33. What's the worst thing to happen to/in comics?
  34. Mark Bagley returns to USM. Yay or nay?
  35. Batman Begins or The Dark Knight?
  36. Do you prefer Spider-Man married?
  37. Comic Book Movies in 2012
  38. A Justice League movie directed by Ben Affleck?
  39. Classic vs Modern: Which look is the best for Beast?
  40. Marvel NOW! What books do you read?
  41. Stan Lee or Bob Kane?
  42. Best Comic-film of 2013.
  43. Which new comic book show are you looking forward to?
  44. Is Batman's origin pivotal to comic book history?