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  1. The Shipping Update Whining Thread
  2. Comic Solicitations for July, 2008.
  3. Comic Solicitations for August, 2008.
  4. Comics for the week of June 4th. Take this!
  5. Comics for the week of June 11th. I'd put an opinion here but someone might disagree.
  6. Comic Solicitations for September, 2008.
  7. Comics for the week of June 18th. This list is a dream. It's not really here.
  8. Comics for the week of June 25th. Hell on Earth!
  9. Comics for the week of July 2nd. Heeellooooooo Nurse!
  10. Comics for the week of July 10th. It's a spanish revolution!!
  11. Comic Soliciations for October, 2008.
  12. Comics for the week of July 16th. Am I allowed to do this?
  13. Comics for the week of July 23rd. Who wants comics?!
  14. Comics for the week of July 30th: I want to believe... in Harvey Dent
  15. Comics for the week of August 6th. **** off.
  16. Comics for the week of August 13th: I'll give you the broken face!
  17. Comic Solicitations for November, 2008.
  18. Comics for the Week of August 20th: Super Value Combo Aplha!
  19. Comics for the Week of August 27th: Saul Silver Approved!
  20. Comics for the week of Sept. 4th: See summer's not over yet!
  21. Comic Solicitations for December, 2008
  22. Comics for the week of September 10th. No more delays.
  23. Comics for the week of September 17th. You feel that chill in the air?
  24. Comics for the week of September 24th. The Watcher is never doing this again.
  25. Comics for the week of October 1st: Back And Better for Proj.
  26. Comic Solicitations for January, 2009
  27. Comics for the week of October 8th. I WIN.
  28. Comics for the week of October 15th. Read about Loeb making Buffy: Red!
  29. Comics for the Week of October 22nd: Thank you sir may I have another!
  30. Comics for the week of October 29th: Who wants to buy a duck?
  31. Comics for the week of November 5th: The East Coast Sunday Edition.
  32. Comic Solicitations for February, 2009.
  33. Comics for the week of November 12th. But the one variable they forgot... was love
  34. Comics for the week of November 19th. Look at me, I'm studying!
  35. Comics for the week of November 26th: Where are my birthday gifts?
  36. Comics for the week of Dec. 4th: What should I call this week's thread?
  37. Comic Solicitations for March, 2009
  38. Comics for the week of Dec 10th: My keyboard is broken! But still I post!
  39. Comics for the week of December 17th: Eetz Krismas tyme, ja?
  40. Comics for the week of December 24th: This one's for TOG & Merry X-Mas to all.
  41. Comics for the Week of January 2nd 2009: Happy New Year Ultimate-Centrillians!
  42. Comic Solicitations for April, 2009
  43. Comics for the week of January 7th: Got your new years resolutions going yet?
  44. Comics for the week of January 14th. I am in Sydney, *****es!
  45. Comics for the week of January 21st. What? I'm not a Mod yet?
  46. Comics for the Week of January 28th: I wasn't down with Gitmo from the get go
  47. Comics for the week of February 4th: What did the Groundhog see?
  48. Comic Solicitations for May, 2009.
  49. Comics for the week of February 11th. I need to catch up.
  50. Comics for the week of February 18th. I don't like comics.
  51. Comics for the week of February 25th: March Madness is almost here.
  52. Comics for the week of March 4th: How about you make up your own title?
  53. Comic Solicitations for June, 2009
  54. Comics shipping March 11th. Yes, I have changed the title format.
  55. Comics Shipping March 18th: Happy St. After Patrick's Day!!
  56. Comics shipping March 25th. Hey kids, comics!
  57. Comics Shipping April 1st: Psych! No comics, get out!!
  58. Comics Shipping April 8th. Download your Wolverines here!
  59. Comic Solicitations for July, 2009
  60. Comics shipping April 15th. I haven't read last week's yet.
  61. Comics Shipping April 22nd: Who wants a hugz? They're free.
  62. Comics Shipping April 29th. I'm so behind!
  63. Comics Shipping May 6th. Free comics?
  64. Comics Shipping May 13th. I hope I have time to read these!
  65. Comic Solicitations for August, 2009.
  66. Comics Shipping May 20th. These things have words and pictures!
  67. Comics Shipping May 28th: Umm, I'm Betting I Did This Wrong
  68. Comics Shipping June 3rd: Sorry, Proj
  69. Comics Shipping June 10th: Now With 33% More Chocolate!
  70. Comic Solicitations for September, 2009
  71. Comics Shipping June 17th. I have defeated DJF.
  72. Comics Shipping June 24th. School's Out For The Summer!
  73. Comics Shipping July 1st. ****ing **** ****!
  74. Comics Shipping July 8th. Sometimes there is no reference.
  75. Comics Shipping July 15th. There's corn everywhere!
  76. Comic Solicitations for October, 2009.
  77. Comics Shipping July 22nd: Happy 600th!
  78. Comics Shipping July 29th. Comic con is on now!
  79. Comics Shipping August 5th: I need a funny title.
  80. Comics Shipping August 12th: I'm doing this 2 weeks in a row!!!
  81. Comic Solicitations for November, 2009.
  82. Comics Shipping August 19th: Where art thou, Alphona?
  83. Comics Shipping August 26th: Deadpool vs. UC: Deadpool's 4th ongoing.
  84. Comics Shipping September 2nd: Welcome to The Comic!
  85. Comics Shipping September 10th: Fall TV Season Is Here!
  86. Comic Solicitations for December, 2009.
  87. Comics Shipping September 16th: "I'm A Disney!" "And I'm a Warner Bros."
  88. Comics Shipping September 23rd: You want fries with that?
  89. Comics Shipping September 30th. Absolute Promethea!
  90. Comics Shipping October 7th. October already?
  91. Comic Solicitations for January, 2010.
  92. Comics Shipping October 14th. Another Absolute!
  93. Comics Shipping October 21st. Read Stuff of Legend!
  94. Comics Shipping October 28th. Awesome Thread, Great Job!
  95. Comics Shipping November 4th. I am being paid to mention Nemesis.
  96. Comics Shipping November 11th. Don't remember anything.
  97. Comic Solicitations for February, 2010.
  98. Comics Shipping November 18th. Something funny goes here.
  99. Comics Shipping November 25th. Ice's birthday?
  100. Comics Shipping December 3rd. Prepare for Christmas!
  101. Comics Shipping December 9th. Keep preparing for Christmas!
  102. Comics Shipping December 16th. Are you ready for Christmas yet?!
  103. Comic Solicitations for March, 2010
  104. Comics Shipping December 23rd. Oh ****, Christmas!
  105. Comics "Shipping" December 30th. Goodbye 2009. Hello 2010.
  106. Comics Shipping January 6th. 2010, mother****ers!
  107. Comics Shipping January 13th. Wednesday the 13th!
  108. Comics Shipping January 20th. Everything's different now!
  109. Comic Solicitations for April, 2010.
  110. Comics Shipping January 27th. Vote for me.
  111. Comics Shipping February 3rd. No Marvel Comics for you!
  112. Comics Shipping February 10th: Wha-- Huh?!
  113. Comic Solicitations for May, 2010.
  114. Comics Shipping February 17th. Stupid variants.
  115. Comics Shipping Februrary 24th. Small month, big week.
  116. Comics Shipping March 3rd: Alan Moore stalks my dreams.
  117. Comics Shipping March 10th. My thread!
  118. Comics Shipping March 17th. American Vampire!
  119. Comics for the week of March 24th: I'm back Baby!
  120. Comic Solicitations for June, 2010.
  121. Comics Shipping March 31st: Hulu has The Rockford Files!
  122. Comics Shipping April 7th: Bang! Zoom! KAPOW!!
  123. Comic Solicitations for July, 2010
  124. Comics Shipping April 14th. The Flash!
  125. Comics Shipping April 21st. Join the Movie Club!
  126. Comics Shipping April 28th -- Now with ZERO Trans Fats!
  127. Comics Shipping May 5th: Help me think of a witty line.
  128. Comics Shipping May 12th: I'm playing MJ in the new Spider-Man film!
  129. Comics Shipping May 19th -- Welcome to The Heroic Age
  130. Comic Solicitations for August, 2010
  131. Comics Shipping May 26th: Everything's going to be OK.
  132. Comics Shipping June 3rd. What is Memorial Day?
  133. Comics Shipping June 9th. You can read these comics on that day.
  134. Comics Shipping June 16th. William Shatner presents... comics!
  135. Comics Solicitations for September, 2010
  136. Comics Shipping June 23rd: It's summer time, take out the speedos!
  137. Comics Shipping June 30th. Down With Tim Burton!
  138. Comics Shipping July 8th: Merry Christmas in July, everyone!
  139. Comics Shipping July 14th -- Is INCEPTION out yet?
  140. Comics Shipping July 21st: Read this and more... IN SAN DIEGO.
  141. Comics Shipping July 28th. I'm not at SDCC.
  142. Solicitations for October, 2010
  143. Comics Shipping August 4th. August?!
  144. Comics Shipping August 11th. Go ninja go ninja go!
  145. Comic Solicitations for November, 2010
  146. Comics Shipping August 18th -- Great things come in bears
  147. Comics Shipping August 25th -- Kickpuncher!
  148. Comics Shipping September 1st -- Doublemeat Palace
  149. Comics Shipping September 9th -- E-mail Me If You Want A Pizza Roll
  150. Comics Shipping September 15th -- Arrested Development Reference
  151. Comics Shipping September 22nd -- Fall TV Season Is Here
  152. Comic Solicitations for December, 2010.
  153. Comics Shipping September 29th -- Goodbye, old format.
  154. Comics Shipping October 6th -- What about this list?
  155. Comics Shipping October 13th -- No consistent format!
  156. Solicitations for January, 2011
  157. Comics Shipping October 20th -- Chemical farts!
  158. Comics Shipping October 27th -- This is Halloween
  159. Comics Shipping November 3rd -- Rock the Vote
  160. Comics Shipping November 10th -- I'm Hungry
  161. Comics Shipping November 17th -- I'm Full
  162. Comics Shipping November 24th -- WE ****ING LOVE THANKSGIVING!!!
  163. Comics Shipping December 2nd -- December, Already?
  164. Comics Shipping December 8th -- Banner Week
  165. Comics Shipping December 15th -- I Hate Everybody
  166. Comic Solicitations for March, 2011.
  167. Comics Shipping December 22nd -- Suspense
  168. Comics Shipping December 29th -- Merry Christmas/Happy New Year!
  169. Comics Shipping January 5th -- BRRRRMMMMMMM
  170. Comics Shipping January 12th -- Break is Over
  171. Comic Solicitations for April, 2011
  172. Comics Shipping January 19th -- He's back!
  173. Comics Shipping January 26th -- One Will Fall
  174. Comics Shipping February 2nd -- Lemony Fresh
  175. Comics Shipping February 9th -- MENDOZAAAA!!!!
  176. Comics Shipping February 16th - Love Is In The Air
  177. Comic Solicitations for May, 2011.
  178. Comics Shipping February 23rd -- Or Is It 24th?
  179. Comics Shipping March 2nd -- Larch March
  180. Comics Shipping March 9th -- Spring Break, Woo!
  181. Comics Shipping March 16th -- Satan's Alley
  182. Comics Shipping March 23rd -- The Future Is Now
  183. Comic Solicitations for June, 2011
  184. Comics Shipping March 30th -- Pizza Time.
  185. Comics Shipping April 6th -- April Showers
  186. Comics Shipping April 13th -- Ugh
  187. Comics Shipping April 20th -- Insert 4/20 Joke Here
  188. Comic Solicitations for July, 2011
  189. Comics Shipping April 27th -- Yesterday Was Wednesday
  190. Comics Shipping May 4th -- Tomorrow It Is Friday
  191. Comics Shipping May 11th -- School's Out For Better Or Worse
  192. Comics Shipping May 18th -- Sesame Street and Bulldozers
  193. Comics Shipping May 25th -- The Kaboom of Doom
  194. Comic Solicitations for August, 2011
  195. Comics Shipping June 1st/2nd -- F*** the veterans
  196. Comics Shipping June 8th -- What's in the Box?
  197. Comics Shipping June 15th -- How Big Can One Man's Forehead Get?
  198. Comic Solicitations for September, 2011.
  199. Comics Shipping June 22nd -- Welcome To The World Grand Prix
  200. Comics Shipping June 29th -- DARK OF MOON
  201. Comics Shipping July 6th -- "This is the worst Fourth of July ever! I hate America!"
  202. Comics Shipping July 13th -- It All Ends
  203. Comics Shipping July 20th -- America, **** Yeah!
  204. Comic Solicitations for October, 2011.
  205. Comics Shipping July 27th -- Owboys and Caliens
  206. Comics Shipping August 3rd -- You Best Believe
  207. Comics Shipping August 10th -- Dog Days
  208. Comics Shipping August 17th -- Dothr-r-r-raki Scum!
  209. Comic Solicitations for November, 2011.
  210. Comics Shipping August 24th -- Robert Downey Syndrome
  211. Comics Shipping August 31st -- Goodbye to the old DC
  212. Comics Shipping September 7th -- All At Once, There's A Fat Guy In A Clown Suit
  213. Comics Shipping September 14th -- Granny's Gonna Grab Ya
  214. Comic Solicitations for December, 2011.
  215. Comics Shipping September 21st -- Winter is Coming... I Mean Fall
  216. Comics Shipping September 28th -- It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year
  217. Comics Shipping October 5th -- What's That With The Rabbit Thing?
  218. Comics Shipping October 12th -- 25 Seasons And A Movie!
  219. Comic Solicitations for January, 2012.
  220. Comics Shipping October 19th -- There's Nothing To Say
  221. Comics Shipping October 26th -- Trick or Tweet
  222. Comics Shipping November 2nd -- Shut It Down
  223. Comics Shipping November 9th -- Let's All Go To The Lobby
  224. Comics Shipping November 16th -- Kill It. Kill It With Fire.
  225. Comic Solicitations for February, 2012
  226. Comics Shipping November 23rd -- We Live In The Darkest Timeline
  227. Comics Shipping November 30th -- A Close Shave
  228. Comics Shipping December 7th -- Blecch
  229. Comics Shipping December 14th -- Comics.
  230. Comic Solicitations for March, 2012.
  231. Comics Shipping (Shipped) December 21 --ultimatedjf got run over by a reindeer
  232. Comics Shipping December 28 -- Boxing Week
  233. Comics Shipping January 4 - I'm too lazy to do this for real
  234. Comics Shipping January 11 --Oh Danny Boy!
  235. Comics Shipping January 18--This Message Will Self-Destruct!
  236. Solicitations for April, 2012.
  237. Comics shipping January 25th- I haven't done this in 35 years!!
  238. Comics Shipping February 1 -- It's almost Souper Bowl Sundae!
  239. Comics Shipping February 8 -- 6 more weeks of "winter"
  240. Comics Shipping February 15 -- The Walk of Shame
  241. Comic Solicitations for May, 2012.
  242. Comics Shipping February 22 - Forget Ghost Rider, who remembers Ghost Writer?
  243. Comics Shipping February 29 - One Giant Leap
  244. Comics Shipping March 7 - iPad 3?
  245. Comics for March 14th 2012 - I haven't done this in years
  246. Comic Solicitations for June, 2012.
  247. Comics Shipping March 21 - Madness
  248. Comics Shipping March 28 - On This Day in History...
  249. Comics for the Week of April 4th pitties the fool.
  250. Comics for the Week of April 11th has risen from the dead.